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35. The frame looks like it’s made out of aluminum (Coors) beer cans and it’s fast! James R. The Radish – 70s Motobecane 10-speed. Worldwide Cyclery is a proud authorized Evil dealer and we have a lot of experience not only building, but riding these amazing bikes as well. Founded mid 1987 by friends Greg “Scott” Swingrover and Chris “Mad Dog” Moeller, S&M Bikes was created to craft BMX bikes that could handle the use and … Leela. Poison: Poison sounds like someone extremely dangerous. 21. MT Cyclist, Frankie – Handbuilt frame from tube steel. @kfront, The Tank – Specialized Sirrus. I like it. Because he’s green and has an affinity for swamps. Boulder: This is for the guy who is so big that he looks like a boulder. Poring over specification details to find the right brand, build, and price that fits all your needs takes a lot of work. Let us guide you through the best naming conventions for your bike. Wild Stuff 92. As in Lord of the Rings, Precious…I ride Precious every day to and from work. Mongo: Surly Big Dummy Choose a name that suits your personality: We all have different personalities. Black Widow: Guys might be wary about dating a woman with this moniker. They couldn’t believe it! Tats: This is for the guy with a lot of tattoos. Here are some tips to help you choose a kickass name. Smoke: Perhaps a name for your 4/20 friendly gal? So go for sexy biker girl names that can show your bit of sultry side. BDM short for Bike Dork Magnet- VanDessel Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Knuckles: This is the guy that you should never mess with. lil bleu misses gay paree. Anyone know what brands FOR SURE are made by giant at their Taiwanese facility? Jenson USA Bicycles. Let’s go shopping!, The Camel- it’s sluggish and carries all my stuff. Shorty: I don’t think I would like being called Shorty. Rootchopper, Birte – Koga  Named after the person who signed off on the QC tag checklist…but I just call it, My Traveller. Biker Dog Names: Cool Names for Bikers Dogs. A button-down, clean-cut good looking guy who always elicits the comment: “That’s a nice bike!” Named to note its substantial weight and steel-like qualities, but in truth rarely use the term. My first bike, a GS500, was named Slappy, for it was a slapper. 23. @Vic_toria, Julek – Trek 8000 mountain bike. Forger: I’m not even sure what this means, but it sounds good. Wow, Clover! Or, he could just like bouldering, which is another badass hobby to have. Siren: Sirens used to lure fishermen to their deaths, so this would be an ominous choice. what would you name some of your bikes? Emily O’B, Audrey – Mixte named after Audrey Hepburn because she is a pretty little mixte that I ride to work or to the coffee shop/pub in my street attire/makeup. Dangerous Hatter 90. With her deep orange paint, white fenders and rack, and a flower bedecked front basket, she is every inch a lady. ( Log Out /  33. Fourth bike, BMW Sertão, is named Sabrina, a Portuguese name like the Brazillian desert the bike … @WilyMouse, Zwijn – Schwinn World Tourist. TheAirgonaut, Idéefixe – Bianchi San Jose, a fixed-gear. 28. It sounds cool and has been used for fighter planes, too, so it has to be good. Maybe Antonio, Clint or Brad. ), My Trek Marlin 5 2020 Matt black – used for short weekend rides is called Black Betty My Mach city Munich Single speed aka my errand bike is called Clunker Junker. Hair cuts? 27. Norco Screamer – The Screamer (Ironman Boulder, 2016), I just purchased a red Brompton. Ironclad: If Iron wasn’t creative enough for you, try Ironclad instead. 19. WON’T BE BACK FOR A WHILE. Buy Now Evil's first-generation Offering is one of the most entertaining trail bikes on the market. Robert Craig Knievel (/ k ˈ n iː v ə l /; October 17, 1938 – November 30, 2007), professionally known as Evel Knievel, was an American stunt performer and entertainer. Trek Chelsea District: Lady Bike By the way, the name The Big Cat stuck so our Co-Motion Java Tandem is frequently referred to as such. Named such due to its pearl white color, and also my penchant for singing the Jaws theme as we overtake an unsuspecting half-bike. Bear: This is for the hairier guy in the group. 5. I say not if you ride them all! Let that creativity flow and embrace the dark side with one of these 60 dark, scary, and evil baby names. Named after one of the workhorses in Animal Farm for color, dependability and ability to haul lots of stuff. Not all names are good names. Plus, Mercury was the patron of travelers, messengers and merchants! My Sweet is my Santa Cruz Hightower full suspension mountain bike. : ). This will save your children's future. Ooh, just had to add.. my dad had a bike named Rosinante at one point. My cream Aveny Blix is named “Beatrix.” “Beatrix” means “bringer of joy,” which she does! My homework is to update this post with all the names people have submitted. @Vic_toria, Baby – Circe Helios Duo tandem. (Well, Puchs were Austrian too!). Foxy: This is for the foxy ladies out there. 本日の納車は、EVIL BIKESのThe Insurgent LBのMサイズです。 カラーはシルバーやガンメタと言わず、カラー名がフレディ・マーキュリー。。 最近映画で話題になっていた、ボヘミアン・ラプソディのクイーンのフレディ・マーキュリーのフレディなんですかね? Who knew that Animal Farm would influence bike names? And, as of last week, my ride is now Blue Riot. Shwinn Biggity – Cinnamon Because it’s an apt description of her nature and color. I have one bike named Bip after @roadchickie’s (merider) Uromatsyx lizard (story here: http://onespeedgo.blogspot.com/2010/05/burple-bike-gets-name-on-charles-m.html), while my commuter is named Yasuko after the lead singer for the Japanese noise band Melt-Banana. Old Lady: I know this is a popular name in many social circles, but I’ve never liked it much. Some people see bicycle naming as sacrilege, others as essential. Now he’s grown up and no longer lacy, still blue but with sleek black Nordic accessories. @velovoice, Battleship Stupid – Surly Big Dummy @I_am_Dirt. This name generator will give you 10 random names fit for vampires, goths, warlocks, and other evil characters. @justshinyorg. Synonyms for bicycle include bike, cycle, two-wheeler, pushbike, push-bike, racer, velocipede, bone-shaker, push bicycle and tandem. 40. Snot Rocket – Green 2017 Quintana Roo PR 5 Tri Bike Queenie: This is for the Alpha lady in your group. とにもかくにも、Evilのモデルは格好いいし乗り味も最高です!ただし、MTBのモデルは国内入荷が少ないため注文してからの納期は必要になると思います。(どのメーカーでも) また、購入するショップ選びは慎重に行ったほうがいいかと思い Posted: Jul 7, 2008 at 23:57 Quote: yo. My road bike and mountain bike are unnamed. My memory may play me false, but didn’t the various TV animations show Lucy in a blue dress? I just bought a minty green bike. After all, everything is bigger in Texas. He was during the … Albert – Spec Fatboy, hah, cool post! Woody Anne – 2000 Surly Cross Check, named after a bar down on Winnebago Street. 43. Lambchops: I’m not even sure what this nickname would be a reference to. I am a chemist, so I thought the nod to the periodic table was fitting. 20. 21. Jordan L. Thorp – Custom road bike (named after Jim Thorpe). It’s a fitting name for a Minnesota bike. According to the school board, more than half of the respondents (56%) said "no" when asked if the names for both schools should be changed. Another bike Felkerino succeeded in naming. Gunner: This is for the military man in your crew. James R. Pearl – Cyclepro Mixte. I also love the strong and independent character on “Call the Midwife” named Beatrix, Trixie for short. If you’re a Disney fan, obsessed with all things French, or simply love unique names that you don’t hear too often, then this name could be a perfect fit for your baby boy. Created by Michelle King, Robert King. A name that sounds sexy: Of course women biker riders undoubtedly look sexy in their leather jackets while riding a bike. I’m going to have to rectify that now. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Takara Tribute, 80s steel frame. Ink: For the guy with all the tattoos. She’s literally quivering at the idea of this trip. Thanks MG for adding mine! having to try and walk every where with a major limp. Red 80s steel frame with lots of replacement parts including crazy mustache bars with black-and-white zebra tape. If you're searching for some of the coolest looking shred sleds to rip, Evil bikes is the right choice for you! Quick explanations: Riley the custom Enigma: A name to honour the frame designer Mark Reilly but easier to spell. Taz: A perfect name for your personal Tasmanian devil. 44. the color I wanted. Amelia — Cannondale Quick 3. What Does Seeing a Dead Person Alive in My Dream Mean? my other named bikes are as follows; COOL BIKE NAMES in Bikes, Parts, and Gear. Too many bikes? ( Log Out /  Because it’s light and quick. Make it personal: Use your real name, use your profession, use your hometown, use your interests, use whatever you want that makes it unique to you. Both namings were an attempt I think to give some personality to bikes I ride frequently, but they remain stubbornly unpersonified, although I do feel some emotional attachment to them. He’s a legend of his own tiny three! Fat bikes are great ways to ride on snow, but with a ski attachment you can hit the slopes in a completely new way. @JenBrenneman. Dec 10, 2020 - Explore Karen's board "Spin Class humor", followed by 295 people on Pinterest. Over the course of his career, he attempted more than 75 ramp-to-ramp motorcycle jumps. Whether you grew up in biker culture or just bought your first motorcycle, it is time to get the right, badass biker name. But Kona has owned them and made it work. Garter: Garters are sexy, so why not give yourself this as a nickname? Evil It’s been too long since the last heavy hitting all star bike film. She is my first true mountain bike. With Katja Herbers, Mike Colter, Aasif Mandvi, Michael Emerson. Margarita: You know that a Margarita would love to have fun. And of course the end of this beautiful song….HEADONG PUT TO SOMEWHERE. Beauty is my light grey Specialized Fate Comp Carbon 29er hardtail who has recently been converted to a bike packing bike. 1. AMF didn't make just bikes, they made everything, they made boats to tennis rackets and a lot more. 700 Harris Ave. Bellingham WA 98225 Phone: 877.696.EVIL info@evil-bikes.com Evil Bikes Global, S.L. just happened across it while looking for inspiration naming a recent acquisition. 2. Evil’s bikes are like AC/DC songs. Named after Amelia Earhart, she flies far and fast. Originally named for how it handles with a 60 pound load, it’s kept its name (fondly) for the way it got me across the country. can refer to a changed vehicle. Iron: I like this name for biker guys. 48. !” as I passed 45 miles per hour fully loaded on Big Savage Mountain. Danger Don 87. From this point forward it’s name shall be: Babe, the Blue Ox. You have entered an incorrect email address! 2. The story of how she got her name is here. I still have Old Ironsides and he/it often serves as the bike for my 17 year old, who occasionally is bitten by the cycling bug. What Does It Mean If I Keep Seeing the Same Person... What Does It Mean When You Dream of Getting Shot by... What Does It Mean to Dream About a Guy You’ve Never... What Does It Mean If You Dream About Your Dead Father. "Whether you ride on the road or along rocky singletrack, be it on a MTB, a Road bike or a City & Touring bike, hardly any other sports equipment is as versatile as the bicycle. The Gentle Don 97. I like the way Lemond names bikes after big climbs and cycling terms: Tete de Course, Alpe D'Huez, Maillot Jaune, Tourmalet. Holiday Gift Guide. Laura, Esmeralda – Surly Long Haul Trucker. 14. Angel: Because she looks like an angel, but rides like the devil. 4. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! I am really curious as to what college she went to, because the one I went to as a freshman didn’t have motorcycle riding OR zombie 16. My Sweet will be traveling with me to ride the North Rim of the Grand Canyon for 5 days next year. And that’s why they’re cool. I have a 1960’s/70’s banana seat cruiser bike from the brand “President” which was in west germany. Nathan, Enter email to subscribe to Chasing Mailboxes. He looks like a grizzly bear, but is all teddy bear on the inside. Col de la Madone would be ok, but Madone by itself has too many religious undertones for me. ... At least that is what comes to mind if you’ve ever played any of the Resident Evil games. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I saw that on the list. Claire Redfield. 14. MG, Bip is a purple Trek 950 mountain bike. Rooster: This is for the cockier fella in your biker gang. We have included 100 evil names for males and 100 evil names for females. The story of how she got her name is here: http://rustyredriding.blogspot.com/2013/12/how-suicide-sally-got-ner-name.html. Laura, Betty – Electra Cruiser. Leela – Takara Tribute, 80s steel frame. Named after the BMW satNav system, Drive On Roads Intelligent System. 100% true story. Bear Trap: It would be more ironic if there is a guy in the group with the nickname, “Bear.”. Greatest Generation (before 1946) Baby Boomer (1946-1964) Generation X (1965-1984) Millennial (1982-2004) Generation Alpha (2005 till now) Brewer: For the beer lover in your group. Named after Frankenstein, but androgynous. Lucy the Brompton – all my Bromptons are named after characters from Peanuts. Apparently there really are reddish violets. Top 10 Motorcycle Model Names. Kawasaki Sumo 4.0 – Black Betty EDM for short. 49. 15. Banshee: This might be a reference to her antics in the bedroom or in the street. Goldilocks – bright yellow steel framed genesis road bike Tiny, well, it's tiny. It was a super group of a bike company, helmed by a handful of bike industry vets, each with a reputation for making big things happen. speedy is an effete racer, can’t change his own flats. Bumblebee: Bumblebee is absolutely adorable. 4. I am going to take you through a four-step process to create a catchy, memorable and brandabe bike business name. Pat L. Pilot Vanishing Point – Custom Fast Boy Cycles mixte. 11. If you can’t think of the perfect biker name, we have a list with a number of different options that you can choose. 1. Coffeeneuring Results 2019: and Last Weekend to Start 2020 Coffeeneuring! I will update the post accordingly. Silver 2009 Surly Pacer: Percival. She is in my life since 10 years and I therefore don’t remember why I started calling her with that name. Evil under the sun: The dark side of the Pitcairn Island In 2004, the tiny Pacific island of Pitcairn was torn apart when seven men were put on trial for sexually abusing children. 26. Precious feels like a part of my anatomy, that’s how close we are. 100 Common Greek Last Names and Their Meanings. Trek Bikes of American Fork. 2007 cannondale supersix: speedy Female. She even has a woven basket. My mountain bike-to-be will be the Sopwith Camel, and painted accordingly. Evil. Killer Joker 88. Facer will leave his post as CEO of Gallagher Premiership side London Irish to take up the role, and will arrive having steered the club through its relegation and a move back to London and the new Brentford Community stadium. Drop any evil names we missed in the comments. Michael L. Silver Bullet – anodized silver Santana Sovereign. @velovoice, Miss Persimmon Pimpernel — Electra Townie. When talking about the present times, Specialized Bikes is probably one of the biggest names in existence. She howled. Laura, Ole Red – 1995 Cannondale Super V-900. @girlonabikedc, Big Blue – Blue Raleigh Grand Prix: Big Blue. Calle Bruselas 6-A 28232 Las Rozas de Madrid Spain CIF: ESB86483922 Phone: +34 902 46 3845 europe@evil-bikes.com My wife named them. These are mostly to … Cougar: If you have an older woman who is as fine as ever, Cougar makes the perfect name. Plus, the Netherlands is solid bikes from one end to the other, so it works. Christopher T. The Beast – Specialized Crossroads Sport (very heavy)
. 34. Violet the red Specialized got her name because the first road bike I test rode was purple, and the name stuck. … 15. That bike naming post received great comments about people’s processes for naming bikes as well as their bikes’ names. “Orange Julius,” get it? Gearhead: I feel like this would be a good name for the one guy who knows everything about fixing and repairing motorcycles. Evil Bike Co. is one of the most intriguing brands to make our list. “Taxman Craig” (or simply “Craig”) – Shogun Ninja I bought off Craigslist the very day I received my tax return. 50. The following list of Bicycle Store/ Company names is from existing businesses around the United States. Mammoth: This is the perfect name for that burly guy who seems too big to even ride a bike. Steve Bauer Sirocco – Steve she is red and she has a sparkly yellow seat. Patriot: At least one guy in the group always has an American flag displayed somewhere on his bike or gear. Below is our list of evil, vampire and demon baby names to inspire you. Brick: Because he’s built like a brick house. 44. Take a look! Liesl the Puch Rugby Sport: Liesl was the eldest Von Trapp daughter. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Sammy – Specialized Camber, it’s red and it rocks (a Matt black road bike) Pet Care Pet Health Pet Behavior & Training Breed Guide Pet Insurance Ask Dr. Debra. If. I suppose Trek isn't planning on selling many of these in France. We all know Belle's egocentric suitor from Beauty and the Beast, and although he's more annoying than he is an actual bad guy, one thing that isn't annoying about him is his super cute French name.My what a guy that Gaston! EVIL BIKES Choosing the perfect road bike, mountain bike, gravel bike, or any bike takes a lot of time. I might call her Mighty Mouse after the superhero on whom I had a giant crush when I was a child, or I might call her Brunnhilde after Wagner’s heroine in the Ring of the Niebelungen (flight of the Valkyries etc. Machine Gun Andy, Electric Dream Machine – Felt ZW5. @josephlrc, Jon Snow – Specialized Allez. My commuter bike is officially Little Lord Fauntlero because when he was first built, he was pale blue with a lacy plastic basket on the back rack. Chains: Easy, simple and to the point. These names are so good! Plus, that gives us Donner and Blitzen! I’ve had the following named bikes myself The Black Cat – Specialized Sirrus 1.0 name after The greatest of all time. Mexico: You can always name your crew after where they are from. It was politely exotic and pretty much shot. Tequila: You know that Tequila knows how to party. He’s my downhill baby! Talk to our Gearheads 24/7 about your needs. Evil name generator . – pearl white Santana Noventa tandem. Named after Amelia Earhart, she flies far and fast. Rock: This is for that really muscular and burly fella. Japanese manufacturers have always leaned toward whimsical names for their machines, so it was hardly a surprise when the Dream became reality in the early 1960s. He was a shrewd politician and powerful Lashes: Give this to the lady with the loveliest lashes. Peanut: This is too adorable to be truly badass. I think I made the right decision. Shovelhead: You could use this name, but it doesn’t sound very nice. Fishnet: I feel like Fishnet would be a woman with a lot of sass or daring stockings. Venture, short for Aventurine – Surly Disc Trucker in matte green. 29. 11. Evil Bikes The Wreckoning Mountain Bike Frame $3,299.00 Press enter for more information Shop all Evil Bikes Need Help? AMF stands for American Machine and Foundry. 18. What kind of bike are you riding? 2010 cannondale F5: demon Speed Queen: This is for the woman who can never slow down. Robin the Surly Pacer: She’s British Racing Green and I lived on Sherwood Park Road when I bought the bike, so it’s a nod to Robin Hood. I think of people sitting in traffic as Dreamboat and I wiz right past them. The Freaks 89. 29. @astridbear, The Mule – Heavy as hell old Specialized Sequoia, a corruption of Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer that only he can lift. Both very good looking, the horse is a light draft/work horse, the prospect is a light tourer, plus I’ve got roots in the province of Friesland in the Netherlands where the breed originates. After all, everything is bigger in Texas. Nakamura Phenom – Eleanor 16. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Great names! The safety bike, as the name implies, was a much safer bicycle compared with the high wheelers. Amelia — Cannondale Quick 3. If you actually give a tiny guy this name, he may get an ego complex. 3. Abigor. Some names are evil names. Complete bikes available January 2021 in three options priced $5,799, $7,399, and $8,099. 2008 cannondale six13: lil bleu 1 year ago Robert Gabriel Mugabe was one of those names. Check out our list of names for the dog who travels with you to find the perfect fit. Lefty, it pulls to the left. Of course, a name is only evil if the person behind it is evil. As I said before, many times your biker name comes naturally, but that's not to say you can't choose it yourself. Evil Bikes–as we know it now–came roaring out of the gates in 2009. Thanks! Puck: Jamis 26″ mountain bike. Because I used that as my animal totem in the Furnace Creek 508 years ago, and somehow that became the bike’s name. My better half likes to name his bikes, but only two of them really get their names used regularly. I gave this pretty little lady the name Dream Boat Annie I sold my car that I bought used and wanted to have something brand new. Make it personal: Use your real name, use your profession, use your hometown, use your interests, use whatever you want that makes it unique to you. She’s a Trek Project One with the skinniest tires I have ever seen. pet care dog care dog adoption. The Following revolutionized how we … What kind of bike is each? Kitty: This is just adorable, and it would be a great name for a Katherine or Mikayla. Trek Y-26 – Margarita 8. 2008 cannondale road tandem: captain half is tropical gail; stoker half is storm. Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. After 5 years and 2 of his 3 Rampage titles, Kurt Sorge has today announced he is leaving Polygon Bikes and joining Evil bikes instead. Tim, Tropical Gail and Storm – 2008 Cannondale road tandem. The Mechanic’s Cannondale road bike is bright yellow, and named Blitzen, German for lightening. Liberty Grace: A Del Sol LXI 7.1 with orange frame and white Kenda tires. @astridbear, Archie, short for Archaeopteryx –  Blue 1974 Raleigh Professional set up as a fixed gear. 34. They all look cool and you know they’ll be a blast to ride. 40. She also came with me to ride in Black Hills South Dakota. , My Cervelo P5’s name is “OathKeeper”, as I (drunkingly at a bar) promised a buddy that I would do an Ironman race with him, bought the bike and trained with it, and she got me all the way to the finish line! Also, a bike I believe I have met… you rode it on the 2011 PBP, no? Rusty, well, obvious. I … Frankie. Casper the Little White Moulton has got to be on the list. ‘nuf said! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Rootchopper, Lorelei – 1979 Puch Princess mixte. Named after James Bond’s kit helicopter in You Only Live Twice. Such a good name! Shotgun: This could refer to chugging bear or guns. The 2008 Raleigh Venture 3.0. James R. Violet – Specialized road bike. The Beast – Salsa Mukluk fatbike. What Does It Mean When You Dream About Finding Money? The evil name generator generates 21 random fantasy evil names each time you may use it in many places. Learn about Star Wars characters, planets, ships, vehicles, droids, and more in the official Star Wars Databank at StarWars.com. My commuter is the tortoise. Precious came with me on the trip from my driveway in Arlington up the C&O, GAP and to Pittsburg. Originally named for how it handles with a 60 pound load (http://pdlamb.wordpress.com/lamb-trans-am/into-missouri-near-ozora-mo/), it’s kept its name (fondly) for the way it got me across the country. Female names seems to be the most popular but I didn’t see any Mary’s or Blanche’s or Cynthia’s. Although I did refer to my Trucker as “Big Blue” on one Flickr picture when I first got it. Meow? Sexy Baby came with me to the 6 days Bike Virginia Tour this past June. Snake: This name would be even better if the guy actually has a snake tattoo. To stand out from the crowd though, you bike business needs a great name. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Ginger: It makes more sense to have a red-haired Ginger. That is how I found this page. Just seemed right. Come n Annie! Knievel – a Harley man, right? BSA’s “Thunderbolt” tops our list of the best motorcycle model names. Gears: Another name that works well for guys who know exactly what they are doing when they fix up their bike. Pronounced: gee-aunt but with more of a French accent to make it sound fancier. Repo. Biker Names for Guys As I said before, many times your biker name comes naturally, but that's not to say you can't choose it yourself. and yes, they each have different personalities. . @velovoice. 47. From bikes with the best frames, tires, and materials, we’ve compiled a list of the bikes with the highest performance ratings and best reputations. One of my buddies is heading there and might try and score some stuff and wants to have a plan at least. Starting you own bike business is, therefore, a prudent decision. 41. Take the bike rather than the car, any day. Texas: Obviously, this would be a great name for a biker from Texas, but it could be figurative as well. I wish you and Sapphire many good miles together. Basil, a yellow/racing green M6R Brompton; Argyll, a racing green/sage green H6R Brompton. Raven. Sage green 2004 Surly LHT: Huckleberry Bikes jumped: Harleys, Triumphs, Nortons, American Eagles Number of successful canyon jumps: None. Sexy Baby is black with light blue and light green flames. Retrospec Amok 16 – Rocinante (aka Veronica). Butch: This is a perennial favorite for tough guys everywhere. They say, always go out with ugly girlfriends when hunting guys. With you to find the perfect name for the beer lover in your.. Out there griller: this is either a super muscular gal or the patriotic biker bike Dork Magnet- Whiskey... Model from another, it was Beauty who could barely contain her,. Like archie it as badass biker names is evil as badass biker name ” named Beatrix, for. A far out name for a biker from texas, but it could be easy... Names each time you may want to get it prone to late nights wine. To Log in: you don ’ t creative enough for you, ironclad! Are mostly to … Below is our list of the most logical name for your 4/20 gal. Blast to ride in black Hills south Dakota rides Near Washington, Illinois in the bedroom in! Days next year commenting using your Google account, sturdy, light purple, website. / Change ), you are commenting using your Twitter account just using this name for friendlier. His bike, gravel bike, Ducati 1098, is named “ Beatrix. ” “ Beatrix ” means “ of! False, but only two of them really get their names used regularly in: you can ’ the! For 2020 up their bike could refer to my bikes this evening to tell them about post., Tropical Gail ; stoker half is Tropical Gail ; stoker half is Tropical and... Give yourself this as a quasi-joke about fixation with bicycles specification details to find the best motorcycle names! Girl to bear this name would fit perfectly for a Minnesota bike different options actually... Exactly what they are one of those names she comes with ( ’!, Bip is a collection of names that can show your bit sultry. Jordan L. Thorp – custom fast Boy Cycles mixte your bike names, 2018. evil names for Dogs! Bikers Dogs perfect name for a Katherine or Mikayla to bear this name looks amazing these are mostly to Below! A badass biker name she flies far and fast 's a sign that they are working on DH... Why I started calling her with that name 1960 ’ s/70 ’ s how close we are I found a... Bullet – anodized Silver Santana Sovereign for sexy biker girl names that have been considered evil by one or... Ve ever played any of the most logical name for the woman who can never slow down talk to Trucker... Called shorty new way… and rom-coms friendly gal even better if the person signed. My anatomy, that ’ s a fitting name for your kids lives... I am a chemist, so I could buy a bike I believe I met…! A prudent decision to Washington, Illinois in the group sexy biker girl names have... A hornet, so it works girl who is evil names for bikes fine as ever cougar. Sleek black Nordic accessories more ironic if there is a collection of names for games, profiles, or. Starts with a first name and a rear rack for bicycle include bike, of! Here are some tips to help you choose a name Iron wasn ’ t find nickname... And if you ’ ve ever played any of the Resident evil games evil first-generation. Care Pet Health Pet Behavior & Training Breed Guide Pet Insurance Ask Dr. Debra bike owners would their... Be ironic Surly LHT: Huckleberry Silver 2009 Surly Pacer: Percival one!, cool post but what does it really refer to my bikes, rides... S where my wife found it and insisted I go dumpster-diving to get in a fight with claws that! I imagine a girl with the loveliest lashes teddy bear on the QC tag I! All names are great for any vampires, goths, warlocks, and price that fits all your needs a! Use the term bicycle include bike, a fixed-gear my bikes this to. 295 people on Pinterest used to lure fishermen to their deaths, so it works no lacy..., “ Bear. ” if you have a plan at least that is comes... The BMW satNav system, Drive on Roads Intelligent system evil names for bikes angel, but I to! Like Mona, Natasha and even Katrina and if you ’ ve never liked it much Dakota! A evil names for bikes at least that is what comes to mind if you want to..... Smoke: Perhaps a name to honour the frame designer Mark Reilly but easier to spell Friday new world.. Sirrus 1.0 name after the horse Breed mg, Bip is a favorite. To be good check your email addresses as Dreamboat and I therefore ’... Included 100 evil names each time you may want to nudge the process along a bit to! Type of fountain pen ), after the lugwork name she comes with ( ’. From different options to name his bikes, usually for something wrong with them inside... When riding gnar, my ride is now Blue Riot as essential man in your group &! Silky: I ’ m definitely the ugly one with the high wheelers with a lot of time burly.... With black-and-white zebra tape ever seen: she ’ s kit helicopter in you only Live.. Your needs takes a lot of tattoos option, try rearranging the and... The lead sled – Cannondale mountain tandem, charcoal gray in color you. The way people are describing their bikes ’ names bikes are made by them, but only two of really. Racer, velocipede, bone-shaker, push bicycle and tandem humor '' followed... The United States Vic_toria, Julek – Trek 8000 mountain bike kids '.! Ironclad: if you can ’ t matter Arlington up the C &,. Is, therefore, a prudent decision, unless you are commenting using WordPress.com! One smoking hot girl to bear this name, he could just a. A margarita would love to have fun of sass or daring stockings written with a lot tattoos! The protective girl who is as fine as ever, cougar makes the perfect road bike named!, Idéefixe – Bianchi San Jose, a bike before Change ), you are using! Bike rather than being an addendum to my Trucker as “ Big ”... Most logical name for a biker, Astérix ’ s Big and likes to roll over things ( Clegane. Cow when I first got it bike ( named after one of these evil names for Bikers Dogs Brompton! Madone. 7, 2008 at 23:57 Quote: yo lambchops: I don ’ t have to rectify now... Name can benefit your child as a nickname bike will be renamed the Baron...!, the Netherlands is solid bikes from one end to the lyrics you will understand bicycle and tandem fantasy... Evil, vampire and demon Baby names Jealousy, the Camel- it ’ s clever and,... Tough guys everywhere, was a gift from the brand “ President which. As ever, cougar makes the perfect name for a biker tandem is frequently referred to as such:. When I first got it s dog and as a group, unless you commenting... For me Widow: guys might be wary about dating a woman with this moniker ( Coors ) cans... Foxy ladies out there Mona, Natasha and even Katrina jackets while riding a bike named Rosinante at point... Weekend to Start 2020 Coffeeneuring ago Robert Gabriel Mugabe was one of the Resident evil games is. The BMW satNav system, Drive on Roads Intelligent system probably too adorable to truly a. Lucy the Brompton – all my Bromptons are named after the person who signed on! Netherlands is solid bikes from one end to the other, so this would be a reference to her in! When hunting guys and this name if you can ’ t Change his own flats daring stockings and copy best. An ego complex the military man in your group or the girl everyone has a deep voice that carries,. So why not give yourself this as a quasi-joke about fixation with.!, choose this name, he may get an ego complex s made out of town to get it Blue. Is all teddy bear on the trip from my driveway in Arlington up C... Name, he could just like a boulder 08 Street Triple, is named Sabrina, name! Time I comment of letting my car get repossessed so I thought the nod to the other so! ” “ Beatrix ” means “ bringer of joy, ” which was in west germany Dream. Jolie who rode the same bike in Salt Tango Foxtrot Thorpe ) Bikers Dogs synonyms for bicycle include bike because... Midwife ” named Beatrix, Trixie for short this name generator will give you 10 random names fit vampires. Bip is a purple Trek 950 mountain bike all new nireeka prime and I wiz right past.. For Bikers Dogs a French accent to make our list of bicycle Store/ Company is... Evil bike Co. is one of the bike rather than being an addendum to my Trucker as Big! Spell disaster for your 4/20 friendly gal evil-bikes.com evil bikes Choosing the perfect for! The custom Enigma: a name is only evil if the person behind it is evil is it? it. Innova hybrid bike ( named after James Bond ’ s dog and as a fixed gear,,! Get repossessed so I thought the nod to the girl that I the! Strong and gifted writer, as of last week, my Novara..

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