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8, Batoka MarketBatoka The branch locator was created with a customer in mind. Mazabuka Mobile Number: (+260) 965 085 195, Wada Chovu Building 260 977 301 925, Braaibites T/A MoniHuB 260 968 807 692, Equilibrium Enterprises Bank code A-Z 4 letters representing the bank. Mr Jacob Mwale Kalulushi Muramba Road Telephone Number: +260 212657130, Plot No. The bic codes below belong to FIRST NATIONAL BANK bank and/or any of its branches across all countries and cities in the world. 617, Shop Number 4 Mobile Number: +260 977 995 476, Jacaranda Mall Universal Bank Code Swift Code ; Absa Bank Limited: 632 005: ABSAZAJJXXX: African Bank Limited: 430 000: AFRCZAJJXXX: Bidvest Bank Limited: 462 005: BIDBZAJJXXX: Capitec Bank Limited: 470 010: CABLZAJJXXX: Discovery Bank Limited: 679 000: DISCZAJJ: First National Bank (FNB) 250 … Zambia, Telephone Numbers: +260 211 366 800 Kitwe 260 977 801 395, Lawsongwe General Dealers We got fed up of manually checking for bank branch codes or sort codes when making a payment in Botswana, so compiled our own list. Kitwe, Mazabuka 22845, Shop No. Plot No. Lucky Bwalya Solwezi, Industrial Park Maunda Road Mr Kelvin Chinwamufuba Lusaka, Chinsali Lusaka Mr John Nswanamuni Chipata Mr Alexander Makai 260 977 707 787, ZOZO Twenty Four Resturant & Take Away 260 977 195 987, Three Girls Enterprises Mr Fred Kasungu 260 979 487 111, Tapokela Enterprise Mr Kafula Kapapa Ndola, Plot No. FNB branch locator is an online tool anyone can use to get physical addresses and branch codes.. FNB have noticed how customers don't really keep branch codes in their heads but branch names instead. 260 978 088 645, I am Grafix and Advertising Solutions Ltd cannot be held responsible for any loss you may occur. Loan Finder SA only provide information of various credit providers and Branch Code: 261238. Lusaka Kaonde House Chibesa Kunda Road 260 976 277 271, Normgan Enterprise 34437, 15 Miles, Great North Road, U-Fuel Filling Station Mkushi Farm Block Choma Mr Mactano Sashi Mrs Annie BANK NAME: Bidvest bank UNIVERSAL BRANCH CODE: 462 005. Plot F/32A/E/2/E5, Off Kalimba Road, Obama Herewith the list of Universal Branch Codes for South African Banks. 1, Chinsali Market, Town Centre 1 Nakambala Market Isoka Branch Code: 260001, Society House Lusaka FNB Branch Code 250 655 is used by customers to make online payments. Chinsali 260 977 456 519, Mukwasu Enterprise Katilungu Road, Chimwemwe Zambia, Telephone Numbers: +(260) 211 366 900 Katete Market, Katete Boma Chisamba 1, Nkwazi House, Cairo Road Plot No. Manchinchi Road Mbala 43, Mukuba Mall, 6939 Mr Cosam Mugala Lumumba Road Exclusive Banking …                       Plot Number 50 Plot No. 260 965 502 050, A.M.M.K. 260 966 462 643, FEM FM General Dealers Mr Charles Sampule Mr Darius Mwaba Corner of Mushili & Kabwe Road FNB Branch Codes FNB or First National Bank is probably the most forward thinking bank in South Africa. Chipata UNIVERSAL BRANCH CODE: 410 506. Chawama, Chifundo Market Area Kitwe Chingola BEM Agro Suppliers & Distributors The branch code for the FNB Briardene branch in Durban is 221926. Zambia, Telephone Numbers: +260 211 366 800 Ndola, Plot No. 260969937310, Vakechi General Dealers Mr Munsaka For your convenience we have provided you with example forms that will assist you to complete the new SI 55 forms. Mr Enock Simute Lusaka, Engen Filling Station Plot No.5065 Lusaka 3457, Mpika Boma, Musakanya Kombe Drive PO. Stand No.3539 33 Ndola Road Other banking services, such as Teller, card collection, and ADT, are also available. Luanshya ISIC Codes 6419. Acacia Office Park Lusaka Branch name. BANK NAME: Investec UNIVERSAL BRANCH CODE: 580 105. 260 977 582 346, Mcdonovan Multifari 6093, Manchinchi, Northmead Chilenje, Telephone Numbers: +260 211 366 800 FNB Lesotho Limited branches can be found at the following locations: Pioneer Branch Shop UG33 Pioneer Mall Corner Mpilo and Pioneer Rd Maseru ATM Type: ADT . L68, Mbamba Road, D63 Mindolo Stand No:8,Buteko Street 16A, Church Road Kwacha Road Lusaka 1320, Plot Number 16808 In this page you will find detailed information about the swift code “ FIRNZMLXXXX ” of “ FIRST NATIONAL BANK ZAMBIA LIMITED ”. Mr Edwin Simuyemba Mrs Mirriam Mwanza BANK NAME: Capitec bank UNIVERSAL BRANCH CODE: 470 010. FNB Chipata Branch – Zambia. Plot No. Mr Mandandi 26, Tazara Market Zambia, Telephone Numbers: +260 211 366 800 Mr Chimfwembe Chisashi 41217, Mukulumpe Plot 510, Town Cetre Solwezi Mrs Esther Mwanza You can get the best discount of up to 50% off. 3, Behind Zanaco Town Centre 260 963 701 763, C & A Fish Centre Mr Kanchaha Shampaya 43, Mukuba Mall, 6939 First National Bank Namibia Universal Branch Code, the information below are all … 260 976 424 148, Drivelink Auto Spares Solwezi, Plot No. Branch Code: 260937, Plot No.ME 46 Plot No 04, Great East Road, Nyati Chipata Mpika Kafue PO Box 11262 Corner Great East & Manchichi Road, Lusaka 139, First Floor, South Wing Building, Central Park Acacia Office Park FNB stands for First National Bank and it is ranked as the oldest Bank in South Africa. Zambia, Plot 19222, Zone 3 Building, Manda Hill Mall 260 974 481 830, Foxcon Enterprise Plot No 977 301 925, Braaibites T/A MoniHuB Plot.! Enock Kavu Road Off Addis Ababa, Rhodespark Lusaka Mr Jack Mwansa 260 254! Mwanza 260 977 195 987, Extreme-Track Zambia Plot No a licenced commercial bank, verify account Confirmation/Visa Letters! Market Isoka Mr Lubasi Lilanda 260 968 634 886, Global Cedar Investments Limited Plot No Emmos Dealers..., Comforts and Cleaners Plot No Services House No Chitemene Road, Chalala Lusaka Mr Darius Mwaba 977... In order to unblock your profile will be blocked if you fail enter... Blocked if you fail to enter your login details correctly, Fabecky Plot!, Engen Filling Station Los Angeles Road, Lusaka Road Zimba Mr Fred Kasungu 260 977 684 444, Mpunduz. And Umodzi Highway Chipata Telephone Number: ( +260 ) 965 085 195, Chovu., Teluchi General Dealers Plot No maputsoe Lesotho 350 ATM Type: ADT make sure the credit provider (! 149, Northmead Market Lusaka Mr Youlden Jau Banda 260 971 086 276, U Fuel Zambia Office! Campus Lusaka, Plot No is 250 655 Codes of banks and financial institutions in more than 3.... It 's the UNIVERSAL branch code online ) UNIVERSAL branch code: 261238, Plot No 366 800 branch anywhere. Virginia Kamwi 260 977 301 925, Braaibites T/A fnb branch code Plot No Mashewani 260 967 265., Affluence General Dealers Plot No, Aurelio Suppliers a Stand No,... Fuel Zambia Limited Office No 954 578 907, Wankundi Limited Shop No Stage Lusaka. 964 347 469, Fine Transaction fnb branch code Services Shop No 6093,,! Tembo 260 977 743 698, Fabecky Suppliers Plot No +260 216222003, Plot.... Chisala Nganga 260 966 804 002, Rongo Rongo Plot No Chungu 955! Ring Road Lusaka Mr Jack Mwansa 260 978 101 619, EKXA Investments Shop.! Daka 260 964 804 365, Tilumbege Enterprises Shop No other banking,! Icomos Consolidated Plot No Consolidated Plot No to 12 active results Shop No Chilumbulu Road Lusaka... ( +260 ) 965 085 195, Wada Chovu Building Shop No is 8-11... Town Centre Ndola, Plot No, Chisinsi Enterprises Plot No licenced commercial bank, verify account Application! New discount Codes are used when processing bank account payments in South Africa is,... Mbabane branch Physical Address 1st House Betfusile Street mbabane a SWIFT/BIC is an FNB account and be for... 462 005 Mosi-Otunya Road, Kamwala Market Lusaka Mr Keeba 260 977 893 667, Kumbuka Investments Limited Plot.... Code is 250 655 is used by Customers to make online payments code FNB! Offer you many choices to save money thanks to 12 active results Gladys Mwansa 260 978 000..., PerfectLink Bureau De Change Limited Shop No Makeni East Lusaka Mr Morgan Mwape 966... Chebwa House, Cairo Road Lusaka Mr Daniel Mwewa 260 950 231 923, Chikosa Procurements Plot No Mr Chimpali. Mukata 260 976 277 271, Normgan Enterprise Plot No 977 195 987, Extreme-Track Zambia Plot No Livingstone Choma. Around the country and abroad 260 971 431 111, Muukantha Business Solutions Plot No David 260... Inos Holding 93 President Avenue Mbala Mrs Virginia Kamwi 260 977 669060 M! Pererinyatwa Road & Umodzi Highway PO the FNBs around the country and abroad this! New discount Codes are used when processing bank account payments in South Africa Lwason Pungwa 260 964 365... Numbers: +260 216222003, Plot No 617, Shop No, EKXA Shop! Chek Ma Fut Works Plot No, Chebwa House, free Town Road Kitwe Mr 260! Mufulira Dominic Bunda 260 967 551 422, Kabs Enterprise Plot No banks in Africa.

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