Personnel Screening and Selection

Just as IASG must select an exceptional staff to ensure its success and service superiority, our clients must provide the same excellence. People are the tools that execute policies and procedures and interface with your clients. To achieve your goals, your people are instrumental to that success.

Making poor hiring decisions is risky. Errors in this process can lead to direct mistakes by your employees that cost money in fines, work inefficiency, and most importantly, damage to your corporate image. Imagine the possible detrimental outcomes that could occur to your organization if you hired a past criminal, drug addict, or someone infiltrating your operations for illicit activities.

IASG Personnel Selection can provide a variety of services delivered on demand and catered to the needs of your organization. Our Comprehensive Personnel Selection Package gives a thorough solution to ensure only the highest quality applicants are admitted to your organization. Each package can be tailored to include only the services that your organization requires. These services include:

  • Psychological Testing: Written and oral tests to determine psychological state of a candidate as well as in depth interviews conducted by licensed psychologists.
  • Polygraph Testing: Lie detection tests conducted by trained forensic polygraph examiners certified by the APA (American Polygraph Association), LPA (Latin American Polygraph Association) and the AAPP (American Association of Police Polygraphists) to verify the integrity of the candidate, their resume and job history.
  • Drug Screening: Standardized drug tests to determine whether the candidates have recently or are currently abusing narcotics.
  • Background Checks: In depth background checks that investigate the candidates police records and criminal history.
  • Credit Checks: Research into credit history of candidate to determine their financial responsibility.
  • Domiciliary Visits: A visit to the candidate’s home, analysis of living conditions and interviews with family members and neighbors to verify the candidate’s integrity and living status.

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