Aviation Security Services:  Passenger Security

The safety and security of passengers, crew members and equipment must be the main concern in all aviation transport operations. In today’s competitive market, our clients are always looking for innovative ways to combine facilitation with a first-rate security operation. With IASG, this goal is a reality.

Since the year 2000, IASG has been providing specialized Passenger Security Services to airlines and airports in Latin America. Our AVSEC operations are conducted by trained professionals who are focused on complying with all local and international aviation regulations as well as focusing on customer service. Within our service, we include:

  • Ground Security Coordinators
  • Security Passenger Interview
  • Travel Document Inspection & Verification
  • X-Ray Baggage Inspection
  • Physical Baggage Inspection
  • Boarding Gate Control
  • Baggage Escort
  • Passenger Inspection with hand held metal detectors
  • Passenger Inspection with physical pat down
  • Aircraft Security Inspection
  • Catering Inspection
  • Aircraft Access Control
  • Aircraft Perimeter Surveillance
  • All other AVSEC services required for the operation

For more information as well as pricing concerning IASG’s Passenger Security Services please contact us at info@iasgcorp.com.